Strength, Quality, and Sustainability

Utilizing Recyclable asphalt

To Restore & Strengthen Asphalt

At Asphalt Green Oil Production, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the asphalt industry with our innovative product, Asphalt Green Oil (AGO). AGO is a specialized oil product designed to tighten and strengthen asphalt, resulting in a superior and longer-lasting finish.

Available In:


(19 kg)


(1,000 kg)

Bulk Tankers

(30,000 kg)

Utilizing Recylcable Asphalt

Rejuvinating Asphalt Strength

AGO is formulated with heavier oils and natural binders, providing superior strength to asphalt surfaces
Our unique blend tightens and rejuvinates the asphalt structure and polymers, reducing the chances of cracks and potholes.

Trusted by Professionals

AGO is the preferred choice of townships, cities, and counties, trusted for its consistency, quality, and performance in keeping roads intact and preventing potholes.
Contractors and property owners rely on AGO to save on maintenance costs by exending the lifespan of their asphalt, keeping their properties safe and accessible. 
Manufactured under ISO 9001, 14001 & 45001 quality controls . Putting forth a product of quality and assurance.

Sustainability with Plant-Based Oil

AGO is produced as an environment-friendly product with a focus on green production. We offer a plant-based oil option that aligns with eco-friendly practices.

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